AFTAC Alumni Association Membership Benefits

The Association provides services to both Visitors registered on the site and Association Members. The association of site users, both Visitors and Members, with AFTAC must be verifiable when the account is established on the site.

Visitor Benefits include:

  1. Access to notifications and scheduled Association Meeting information
  2. Access to a variety of articles on topics that including Alumni Association Activities, Historical perspectives, AFTAC and Alumni associated News items and the obituaries of our comrades.
  3. Access to a variety of articles on topics that including:
    1. AFTAC and Alumni activities
    2. Historical perspectives
    3. AFTAC associated obituaries
    4. Post Monitor publication archives beginning one year from today
    5. AFTAC and Alumni associated News Items
    6. News of discounts and other opportunities reported to the Association
    7. Email alert notifications (if selected on account registration/management page) for items affecting AFTAC and AFTAC Alumni
    8. Sage Shop access/purchases

Membership benefits include all the items above and are expanded to include:

  1. Officer Election voting rights.
  2. Reduced costs for most Association activities.
  3. Expanded web site access
    1. Access to Post Monitor publications released within the last year.
    2. Access to the site's Friend Search messaging capability to contact other members/former members/visitors.
    3. Add others here